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You run indoors to escape the heat of the Kentucky summer sun, excited to quench your thirst for cool air, but wait—is it really hotter indoors than it was outside? You have an uncomfortable realization that there is no release from the heat.

How can you solve this sweltering dilemma? Will you ever feel the sweet embrace of a comfortable, cool indoor environment again? At Efficient Air Heating and Cooling, we have the perfect solution for you: ductless HVAC systems that handle both air conditioning and heating.

Installing a central air system in your home is not always the easiest or the most cost-effective solution. It involves all those ducts and vents and all that construction. It’s even harder if your house is on a slab and has no cellar or basement in which to install ducts.

In contrast, the new ductless HVAC systems are quick to install, economical to operate, and we can customize them to fit your needs. You can have controls to cool (or heat) the whole house or each room separately, which can save you lots of money and energy.

You have several options with ductless systems. You may have heard about the increasingly popular mini-split ductless systems, which only require two main components on either side of a wall in your house—the indoor air-handling unit and the outdoor compressor/condenser. You can buy a single-zone or multi-zone system, for just one room or multiple ones.

Benefits of Ductless HVAC Systems

Enabling you to control the temperature of each room, save money on energy, and clean your home’s air—the ductless HVAC system is an efficient dream-come-true. Ductless systems are much more economical than traditional central air or furnace units. A ductless HVAC is perfect for:

• Older homes
• Small homes
• Detached guest houses
• Large homes that have rooms rarely used
• Rental homes and apartments
• Remodeled homes that have inefficient floor plans for central air
• Energy-conscious homes

How Do Ductless HVAC Systems Work?

Also known as mini-split units, ductless systems (when in AC mode) produce cool air by taking in the warm air in your home then pushing the heat outside. At the same time, it blows air over cool evaporator coils and sends it back into the room, leaving you feeling cool and refreshed. In heating mode, a heat pump warms the air to blow back into the room.

Typically, these units are wall-mounted with an outside compressor. Installing them requires our Efficient Air Heating and Cooling team cutting a small hole in the wall where the unit gets mounted, usually high on a wall close to the ceiling. You can also get floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted styles.

Save Energy, Save Money

We all know Kentucky gets hot in the summer and can get cold in the winter! Running a conventional AC unit through the summer to cool your whole home can rack up your electricity bill and use much more energy than needed. That’s what makes a ductless system from Efficient Air Heating and Cooling perfect for almost any home.

How exactly does a ductless HVAC unit save energy and money?

● Ductless HVAC systems use up to 40% less energy than a traditional central air unit
● You can only cool (or heat) rooms you’re in, avoiding the need to cool (or heat) every room in the home
● The installation by Efficient Air Heating and Cooling is more affordable than central heat and air since it does not involve major construction work in your floors or under your house to lay ducts and install vents
● The improved air quality of your home will promote better health

Ductless HVAC systems pay for themselves in the long run, saving you money and keeping you comfortable all year round.

Quality You Can Trust

Our well-trained technicians uphold the highest standard of work and provide honest support to our customers. At Efficient Air Heating and Cooling, we take your comfort and convenience to heart by working with two high-quality air conditioning equipment manufacturers, Luxaire and Fujitsu.

Founded in 1954, Luxaire is renowned for its superior high-performance heating and air conditioning equipment. The company is dedicated to working with energy efficiency, longevity, and taking steps to reduce indoor noise pollution.

Fujitsu, founded in 1971, prides itself in being a top choice for air conditioning companies around the globe. Fujitsu’s products promise to be the peak of perfection. Units go through a litany of tests, such as airflow, calorimeter, noise, environmental, water shower, compressibility, and vibration tests.

Caring for Your Ductless HVAC System

Keep your ductless HVAC system running like new with these simple maintenance tips from our team at Efficient Air Heating and Cooling.

Clean the System
Make sure vents are clear from dirt, dust, and hair. Using a damp cloth or microfiber, clean the exterior of the unit. Be sure to check outdoor vents frequently. This one tiny step will increase the longevity of your unit.

Clear Obstructions
Clear any obstructions from in front of the unit. Paintings, photos, and decor may cause dust to settle into and around your unit much faster. Keep large furniture and plants away from the unit to keep from hindering the airflow.

Let the System Rest
Before you begin cleaning the inner workings of your ductless unit, be sure to turn all components off. Failure to do so may cause harm to yourself or your unit. Allow the system to cool before cleaning, and dry it afterwards.

Change the Filters
The HVAC unit’s filters collect the dust and dirt to prevent the particles from getting pushed back into the room. To clean your filters, use a dry, clean cloth and gently wipe the filters until they are free from debris. Be sure to change your filters as needed or when your current filters are beyond cleaning.

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